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Silicon Labs News

Silicon Labs Launches Security Services to Support ‘Zero Trust’ Security Model in IoT

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) announced new Security Services, supporting IoT companies with the implementation of Zero Trust security architectures to meet emerging cybersecurity standards and combat the rising tide of threats. The new security offerings complement Silicon Labs’ industry-leading Secure Vault technologies with a first-of-its-kind Custom Part Manufacturing Service (CPMS) for wireless SoCs and modules.

Interactanalysis News

Recovery Is Slow, But Global Manufacturing Industry Is Limping In The Right Direction

In this article we focus on two of those factors – chip shortages and freight costs – and we take a look at machinery production (traditionally a more volatile sector than industry production) where cautious capital investments in some segments have meant particularly slow recovery for some machinery manufacturers, whilst others are making good progress towards market normality.



Whatever your opinion on climate change there is one thing virtually everybody agrees on, and that is that waste is a bad thing. Waste can take many forms, excess energy utilisation, wasted products, wasted time, or wasted resources like water. All this adds up to not only excess cost and reduced competitiveness but also unnecessary burden on the planet and the natural world.


NSK Self-Lube® bearing units save steel plant €292,136

Certain sectors and applications place particularly challenging demands on bearings. Steelmaking is one such example, where the aggressive operating environment means potential bearing failures present a genuine threat to production. Extreme temperatures, particle contamination, shock/heavy loads, water, vibration, high speeds and rapid acceleration/deceleration are just some of the daily hazards that steel plant bearings have to endure. However, the NSK RHP Self-Lube® range of bearing housings and inserts can overcome these issues, as confirmed by a major steel plant.

Kuka News

Automotive supplier relies on KUKA's technology know-how: New order for ladder frame production

Since 2017, the frames of the Mercedes G-Class have been manufactured fully automatically at MAGNA Presstec thanks to a KUKA production line. Now the off-road icon is getting an electrified update and a new production line for the electric variant. Here, the Austrian automotive supplier is once again relying on KUKA's technology expertise.

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