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Metz Connect News


With the METZ CONNECT BACnet router BMT-RTR, BACnet MS/TP devices are connected to a BACnet/IP network. The BMT-RTR is a compact multi-network router that allows routing between BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet and BACnet MS /TP networks. 32 BACnet MS/TP devices can be run on the router, thereby allowing unlimited transfer of BACnet objects between the BACnet /IP and BACnet MS /TP network.

Dold EDS News

More than just drive monitoring

Speed and standstill monitor UH 5947. Regardless of whether the set-up operation must be monitored safely, protection via speed limitation is needed or a safety gate is released after detection of standstill - the speed and standstill monitor UH 5947 of the SAFEMASTER S series is the right choice for your application.


Big performance from small NSK ball screws

A new high-speed series of miniature large-lead ball screws from NSK Linear Motion Control offers a number of important benefits to users, including reduced product takt time, the potential to downsize equipment, and reduced power consumption. Among the applications set to benefit are semiconductor chip mounters and parts aligning equipment.


NSK SWR spherical roller bearings overcome challenges of continuous casting

The bearings used in continuous casting machines have to endure arduous operating conditions that include high temperatures, heavy loads, ultra-low speeds, water/water vapour and scale. As a result, bearing failures such as wear, flaking and fracture are commonplace, prompting increasing numbers of steel manufacturing plants to adopt NSK SWR (Super Wear Resistant) spherical roller bearings. These advanced bearings provide several times more wear resistance, flaking life and outer ring toughness than standard counterparts made from AISI 52100 bearing steel.

Robinson News

Sortation conveyors ensure wrappers keep pace with product flow

Robinson excels at creating harmonious production line systems. Maintaining optimum product flow regardless of downstream performance is the job of sortation conveyor systems and conveyor lane diverters such as the Servo Sweep Laner from Robinson.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Evolution in the press shop

Intelligent, camera-based tool protection in stamping and forming technology

Schneider Electric News

Schneider Electric Launches the New FlexSeT Switchboard at NECA Nashville 2021

Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the launch of its new FlexSeT low voltage switchboard being unveiled at the 2021 NECA Convention Nashville.

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