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Dürr Systems AG News


The EcoProBooth opens up new perspectives in spray booth technology for car manufacturers. With its modular box concept, independent lines and the combination of interior and exterior painting in a single box, it provides a degree of scalability and flexibility previously only possible for small-scale series.

BB Sensors News

Platinum temperature sensors: differences and uses

The temperature is a unit of measurement for the thermal state of a material or medium. The most widely used measurement method for determining the physical variable temperature is measurement using a resistance thermometer (temperature probe).

Beckhoff News

Flexible and cost-effective stepper motor terminal with 6 A total current

The EL7062 2-channel EtherCAT Terminal is designed for the direct connection of two stepper motors in the medium power range of up to 3 A and for a voltage range of 8 to 48 V. With flexible parameterization and minimized channel costs, the motion interface is suitable for a wide range of applications and for price- sensitive stepper motor applications in particular.

Phoenix Contact News

New I/Os for field installation

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of I/O systems for control- cabinet-free automation with the new generation of the Axioline E I/O system.

ESMO Group News

esmo Unveils New UniCell Configurations for Production & Testing Processes

esmo group (esmo) — a full-service systems integrator that provides innovative and advanced engineering services — today unveils new configurations of UniCell, the company’s cross-industry compact automation housing solution for manufacturers looking to improve productivity levels, production stability, and occupational safety.

IAR Systems News

IAR Systems appoints Richard Lind as CEO

IAR Systems, the world leader in software tools and services for embedded development, presented its new CEO. The board of directors of I.A.R. Systems Group AB has appointed Richard Lind as new CEO of IAR Systems. Richard has been interim CEO since the company changed CEO on October 18, 2021.

Nabtesco News

Nabtesco: A strong and reliable partner in crisis

December is a time of retrospect and reflection. It is only natural then that Nabtesco should take this opportunity to look back on the past year and take stock. With positive results. Nabtesco’s long-term investment and innovation strategy allowed the cycloidal gear specialist to successfully manage the crisis in 2021, proving to be a strong and reliable partner.

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