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TWK News

Aiming high: the four-million-step rotary encoder

Sometimes it just has to be more. In this case, TWK's newly developed ABN encoder model has a resolution that divides the full circle of 360° into over 4 million steps. To be precise, in 222 steps - that's a resolution of 22 bits. High accuracy is equally important. This is impressive with better than ±10 arcsec. That is less than ±0.003°. Precise measurements of positions and speeds up to 10,000 rpm are thus possible. The ABN will be available from September 2022.

Bühler News


Bühler’s Die Casting Dashboard and Downtime Analysis services provide customers with further benefits. They can better control every aspect of their operation, leveraging instant data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive sustainability.


AW-Combo wins the Maietti Award at SPS 2022, in Parma

Automationware, a company in North-East Italy dedicated to the development of cutting-edge robotic and mechatronic technologies, won the Roberto Maietti award for Advanced Robotics in the just-concluded edition of SPS 2022 in Parma.

ABB News

GHGSat doubles capacity to monitor methane emissions with three new ABB-built optical sensors

Canadian company GHGSat, which specializes in high-resolution GHG monitoring from space, launches three new ABB-built optical sensors into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, doubling capacity to monitor methane gas emissions.

PVL News

Euroswitch IO-Link Sensors for Industry 4.0 now available from PVL

PVL, a leading distributor of industrial automation, switches and sensors is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of IO-Link equipped sensors for deploying in Industry 4.0. systems.

Dunkermotoren News


In today's consumer market, the expectations are "ordered today - delivered tomorrow". Thanks to the convenient order possibilities via online shops, this thinking is no longer sounds of the future but common practice. Another trend is developing toward customizing the product of one's own choice.

Nidec News

Nidec Develops AC Servo Motor Equipped with Zignear®, the Location Detection Technology that Accommodates 17-bit Resolution, for the Industrial Robot Market

Nidec Corporation announced today that it and Nidec Sankyo Corporation have jointly developed an AC servo motor (resolution: 17bit) equipped with Zignear®, the position detection technology that can be applied to industrial robots and replace encoders.

Schneider Electric News

Schneider Electric Launches Inaugural Global Partner Recognition Program

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the launch of the inaugural Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards, the first initiative from the Partnering for Sustainability Program, to recognize the critical role partners of Schneider play in delivering a more resilient, sustainable electric world.

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