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Stephenson Gobin

Stephenson Gobin celebrates 50 years

UK manufacturer Stephenson Gobin, is celebrating 50 years in business, a milestone that shows its commitment to innovation in the motion control industry.

Fraunhofer News


The Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF have developed various core components for the optical system of the hyperspectral satellite.

HBK World News

A Custom-made Sensor in 3 Phases

Once an Imagineer has identified an opportunity for a ‘smart’ product, the OEM typically wants the development of custom sensors to proceed very rapidly. OEMs from almost every market choose HBK because it’s not just about the sensor. You need a partner with a deep understanding of your application, and HBK experts can actively contribute and advise on fundamental sensor system design.

Materialise News

Materialise Introduces Magics 26 with New CAD and Mesh Capabilities for 3D Printing

At the RAPID+TCT Conference, Materialise, a global leader in 3D printing solutions, introduces Magics 26, the latest version of its industry-leading data and build preparation software. Magics 26 combines support for native CAD workflows with its existing mesh capabilities. This provides users with the best of both worlds, enabling them to boost productivity while maintaining quality by choosing the optimal workflow for each 3D printing project.

Promo-Bot News

Robo-C Project Creates the First-Ever Robot Dialogue System

Robo-C Project developed a new dialogue system for its human-like service robot. Before that, robots utilized a question-answer system called the language base. With a dialogue system, Robo-C recognizes questions, clusters them according to the topic, and generates responses with neural networks.


Authorities confiscate significant haul of counterfeit NSK bearings

The recent discovery of a large number of counterfeit NSK bearings in Johannesburg, South Africa, highlights the need to remain vigilant in the face of criminals who look to put the safety and integrity of industrial machinery and humans at risk. Towards the end of April 2022, a Police search and seizure operation (initiated by NSK) led to the confiscation of thousands of replica bearings (98% industrial types) worth an estimated R5 million. Criminal and civil proceedings are now underway against the perpetrators, who will shortly receive a court summons.

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