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Pre-built Robots Streamline Automation for Simple Processes

As automation continues to transform manufacturing productivity, competitiveness often comes down to maintaining “lights out” processes and lowering engineering time and costs. While robotic systems can provide undeniable benefits like efficiency and labor savings, not every task is ideally suited for automation.

Elesa + Ganter News

Check and measure the flow: new HVF-E visual flow indicator with flow-meter sensor

The brand-new HVF-E visual flow indicators with flow-meter sensor find applications on machines requiring flow measurement, like irrigation systems, heating/cooling systems, machines mixing water and detergents or automatic fluid loading the tanks.

Contrinex News

Rugged inductive sensors support PPE manufacturing capacity for N95 face masks during COVID-19 crisis

OEM equipment builders require a single source of robust sensors for integration within machines for producing N95 face masks. Material feeds must be synchronized prior to assembly and, during the process, the part-completed mask must be positioned correctly.

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