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Siemens News


Siemens introduces new “Location Intelligence” software, which expands the Simatic RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) locating platform to include the digital twin of performance.


Demag presents a compact hoist which, with its smart control system, makes assembly and, above all, joining processes even simpler and safer

The DCBS is a variable-speed chain hoist based on the proven DCS range. It has a perfect command of the usual tasks of this hoist. The operator actuates the D-Grip Servo control handle, and the load with a maximum weight of 160 kg is raised or lowered by an electric motor.

Pilz News

New actuator for a new dimension in safety!

Thanks to RFID transponder technology, the coded safety switches PSENcode from Pilz combine maximum manipulation protection with the smallest space requirement. A new feature is a further solution for space-critical applications, where the installation height is a key factor: the PSENcode low profile actuator is just 3 mm high and is currently the world's most low profile actuator.

ARBOR Technology News

ARBOR Partners Up with NCKU for Smart Med Wristband

The wristband not only helps medical professionals and patients measure vital signs such as temperature and heart rate, but also the wristband can broadcast early warning signs, information on epidemic prevention, and reminders about taking medical action when vital signs indicate a disease. By wearing ARBOR’s smart med wristband, one can efficiently help prevent the epidemic from spreading.


The GEA IO control system is the automation heart in the control cabinet of a GEA centrifuge. Using MTP, GEA generates an interface for each system

Production with a faster time-to-market, flexibility and simplicity are the key issues that continue to shape the industry. In shipbuilding, this means improving the interoperability and standardization of automation systems as the various modules and systems in the engine room often create an incredibly complex web of digital connections.

NORD Drivesystems

Energy efficiency and reduction of variants

Individually tailored drive concepts based on the LogiDrive system solution from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS represent an optimal compromise between energy efficiency and a reduction of variants. They prove themselves in major intralogistics projects for airports or parcel centres where a large number of drive units are installed.

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