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Sigmatek News

S-DIAS Modules with VARAN and EtherCAT

The compact S-DIAS series has grown with the CPU module CP 313 and the compact control module EC 121, which provides even more application possibilities of the automation system.

NORD Drivesystems

NORD extruder-type drives for plastics industry

Manufacturers in the plastics-processing industry appreciate the long service life, the low maintenance and the high energy efficiency of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS' drive solutions. For use in extruders, the company offers extruder-type drives that are optimised for heavy-duty operations.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

UKIVA Machine Vision Conference 2020

IDS explains how to create an intelligent camera without prior knowledge.

Siemens News

Logo! goes cloud

Logo! logic module series 8.3 now with direct cloud connectivity.


Process transparency included

Condition monitoring systems (CMS) detect changes and anomalies in the production process. They give an early warning of incipient damage, detect deviations in quality, monitor the stability of a production process and ensure consistent quality control at all stages of production and value creation. In this context, gripping systems and clamping devices are growing rapidly in importance due to their closest-to-the-part position.

Emerson News

Emerson at StocExpo

Discover Emerson's leading portfolio of terminal technologies and expertise.

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