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EIS Adopts Flexxbotics for Advanced Robotic Machine Tending

EIS (Engineered & Industrial Solutions) has chosen Flexxbotics for an advanced robotic machine designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of robot-enabled workcells for precision parts in the oil and gas industry.

EIS Adopts Flexxbotics for Advanced Robotic Machine Tending

The Flexxbotics solution seamlessly connects the Universal Robots to Haas CNC machines, enabling full robotic command and control of the workcell. The intelligent monitoring capabilities included with Flexxbotics identified specific improvement opportunities leading to the elimination of 89% of non-scheduled downtime and a 12% utilization rate increase even with demand fluctuations.

“Scalability was a key criteria in our selection process as we plan to roll-out the solution across more than 100 machines in our factory, which Flexxbotics makes possible,” said William Hoose, Plant Manager at EIS. “The Flexxbotics solution enabled us to quickly identify the root cause of our robot downtime issues and provided effective resolution to maximize our robot utilization and performance.”

EIS selected Flexxbotics based on the following criteria:

  • Monitoring and analysis including CNC status monitoring, alerts, alarm detection and identification with data aggregation and graphic display
  • Solution flexibility to scale out monitoring capabilities to 100+ machines factory-wide and continue to add additional robotic workcells quickly
  • Smart workflows with contextualized instructions for error resolution based on the CNC model, current condition and the robot’s status at failure (i.e. alarm specific guides)
  • Open connectivity and interoperability with a wide range of robots, CNC machines and IT business systems

William Hoose continues: “Flexxbotics enables us to have a single operator running multiple machines which is beneficial from a safety perspective since the parts are made from carbon fiber and when they are cut, debris fragments are not uncommon.”

EIS Fabrication Solutions provides a wide range of custom assembly solutions and fabrication services to support markets including medical, automotive, oil & gas, electronic and electrical.

Flexxbotics robotic workcell digitalization is the backbone of the smart factory delivering autonomous process control for next generation machining environments utilizing robotics. Flexxbotics breakthrough innovation, the unique FlexxCORE™ technology, seamlessly connects and coordinates robots with existing automation equipment, IT systems and people.

“With Flexxbotics robots do much more than simply talk to the machines, the robots command and control the machines for maximum efficiency and production optimization,” said Tyler Bouchard, Co-founder & CEO of Flexxbotics. “We believe production robotics will play the central role in Industry 4.0 with the advent of robot-driven manufacturing.”

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