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How Automation Is Shaping the Future of Agriculture

Farm automation also known as smart farming is absolutely essential for the agriculture industry of the future. With today’s environmental challenges, that future may be closer than we realise.

How Automation Is Shaping the Future of Agriculture

As world population numbers keep climbing, agricultural production needs to increase by 70% to meet the food demand in 2050. In addition, with the growing awareness of climate change as well as changes in dietary preferences as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there now is a huge demand for sustainable foods and beverages. Evidently, tackling these challenges primarily lies in the hands of the agricultural sector. And this is where smart farming comes in.

Smart farming applies data and information technologies to complex farming systems in order to optimise production processes and food quality. This is achieved with the help of a range of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, geomatics, and so forth.

Meili Robots’s comprehensive guide on smart farming dives into the ways in which farmers are increasingly adopting such automation solutions to optimise their production processes while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint.

The guide includes:

  • Agricultural market insights
  • A deep-dive into the definition of smart farming
  • The benefits of smart farming
  • Smart farming technologies
  • The most common smart farming practices
  • Use types of automation in agriculture
  • A glance at the future of the agricultural market

To get access to the full guide, please head over to Meili Robots.

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