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NSK bearings save costs when maintaining ship loading conveyor

NSK has designed a solution using spherical roller bearings that were not only made from its proprietary HTF tough steel, but also featured a detachable nitrile seal. The result was an extension in service life leading to significant savings in downtime costs.


Aussieker makes use of Four models from DMG MORI for producing high quality workpieces

The company Aussieker Metallverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG from Preußisch Oldendorf was founded in 1969 as a classic subcontract manufacturer. Right up to the present day, customers in the general machine and plant engineering sector and the medical industry place their trust in the competence of the 30-strong team.


Benefits of NSK NH series linear guides clearly visible in glass machining application

An Italian manufacturer of glass processing machinery is benefitting from the adoption of NH series linear guides from NSK. Now serving in a vertical drilling and milling machine for flat glass products, the NH30 (stainless steel version) linear guides overcome a number of challenges to deliver optimal performance for end users.

Liebherr News

“Random bin picking” – a success story

In bin picking – also known as “random bin picking” – a robot removes unsorted parts from a container and feeds them for further processing. Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH is a pioneer in the industrial application of this sophisticated technology.

Delta Electronics

Delta Helps Plastic Packaging Manufacturer Achieve Centralized Control of Entire Facility with DIAView Software

A manufacturer of plastic bags for food packaging that operates a factory in Poland has been using Delta automation technology on its production lines for years. The company has recently expanded their facility and installed additional machines. As a result of the expansion, the manufacturer decided they had too many machines to continue monitoring and controlling them individually. The company needed to deploy a centralized control and management.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Picked up and put off

Autonomously driving robotic assistance system for the automated placement of coil creels.

Fuzzy Logic Robotics

Fuzzy Logic makes robotics agile at MBDA

MBDA is a leading European manufacturer in the aerospace and armaments sector, specializing in the design of missiles and missile systems for the operational needs of the three branches of the military (army, navy and air force). MBDA France's Bourges site specializes in the manufacture of tactical missile equipment utilising several key technologies: mechanical manufacturing (metal and composite materials) and electromechanical assembly. The company wanted to robotise certain processes in small series or even single unit production, by allowing an operator with no programming skills to teach the robotic system, in just a few seconds, the process to be carried out, and then to execute the cycle with complete confidence without human supervision. Fuzzy Logic's Repplix application software module addresses all aspects of this requirement in a cost-effective manner. The first use case selected was the tedious, manual cleaning of the moulds used to manufacture composites.

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