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Fives News

Fives Landis and AddUp, working together to design and 3D print a custom coolant nozzle - Fives Group

The custom nozzle design allows the flow position and shape to precisely match the challenging wheel geometry with less components in the assembly, while also providing optimum flow to the metal cutting zone in the grinding machine. This increases the machines performance and optimizes the grind cycle.

Promo-Bot News

The Robot Manufacturing Company Is Ready To Pay Out $200,000 For A Perfect Face for A Humanoid Robot

The manufacturer company of Promobot robots is seeking a face for a humanoid robot-assistant which will work in hotels, shopping malls and other crowded places. The company is ready to pay out $200,000 to somebody willing to transfer the rights to use one’s face forever.

Procentec News

PROCENTEC® ready to kick off its third digital event

Procentec is all set to share its practical solutions to prevent costly downtime. The current Corona developments have led the developer to withdraw from the SPS fair in Nuremberg, and switch to a fully digital format.

ABB News


ABB is entering into a strategic partnership with Swiss-based start-up Sevensense, founded in 2018 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich, to enhance ABB’s new autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) offering with artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D vision mapping technology. The technology will offer customers unprecedented levels of flexibility as mobile robots will be able to navigate autonomously in complex, dynamic indoor and outdoor environments close to people.

Faro News

“Superpower” Boost: The Dynamic Duo of Laser Trackers and the 6DoF Probe

Across Japan and Asia at large, one pop-cultural superhero franchise stands above the rest: Ultraman. Created in 1966, Ultraman and his crew of “Ultras” have achieved Superman-like status. And like the Man of Steel, they share much in common. Superman can shoot laser beams from his eyes while Ultraman has his Specium Ray. Superior strength and stamina are a given for both. They also each possess super vision – the ability to see objects beyond the visible spectrum of light.

Bluebotics News

A Partnership in Innovation: BlueBotics and Dürr Systems sign exclusive agreement to drive the future of paint shop AGVs

Autonomous navigation leader BlueBotics SA has signed an exclusive agreement with Dürr Systems AG, one of the world’s leading automation and digitalization specialists in vehicle manufacturing, to create innovative autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) that will revolutionize paint shop efficiency, safety and flexibility.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers