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Schneider Electric Collaborates with Intel to Drive Industrial Innovation

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced a collaboration with Intel to extend EcoStruxure Automation Expert by creating a Distributed Control Node (DCN) software framework complimented by an associated Intel processor-based DCN hardware offering.

Schneider Electric Collaborates with Intel to Drive Industrial Innovation

  • Project to enhance industry’s first Universal Automation system, EcoStruxure Automation Expert™ by creating a Distributed Control Node (DCN) software framework
  • With the convergence of IT and OT, industry leaders are collaborating to bring innovation, flexibility to end user systems

By combining the performance, security and deployment capabilities of Intel Edge Controls for Industrial (ECI) technology with EcoStruxure™ Automation Expert, the DCN framework can simplify and speed the development of software defined control systems. Additionally, the DCN will enable EcoStruxure Automation Expert – the world’s first software-centric automation system – to scale faster and further in process industries, including energy and chemicals, mining, water/wastewater, pharmaceuticals and hybrid markets.

This DCN development will be based on Universal Automation, an organization that manages the implementation of a shared source runtime based on the IEC61499 standard. EcoStruxure Automation Expert represents the first of a new era of automation software based on this shared runtime.

Advances in machine learning, real-time analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hold massive promise for industrial enterprises and manufacturers. However, the industry has suffered from the lack of a future-proof solution that can be easily upgraded to keep systems running at optimal performance.

A fundament feature of EcoStruxure Automation Expert is the ability to decouple software from hardware. This allows hardware to be upgraded as required to improve system performance while the application remains the same, thereby protecting the customers intellectual property and investments. The joint effort between Schneider Electric and Intel illustrates the industry’s transition from fixed-function hardware to software-defined, flexible, plug and produce solutions that deliver customers greater operational effectiveness.

“This is the direction for process automation,” said Natalie Marcotte, SVP and President, Process Automation, Schneider Electric. “To fully realize the potential of next-generation industries, we must embrace a collaborative way of thinking. This collaboration with Intel greatly enhances the capabilities of EcoStruxure Automation Expert, enabling the platform to scale faster and further. To create a new wave of innovation, we must work with all parties to create a more modular software-defined industry.”

“Software-defined systems that bring together the worlds of OT and IT are the future of process automation. The ability to mix and match leading software and hardware will allow customers to innovate quickly while still enjoying the operation performance they demand,” said Christine Boles, VP, Network & Edge Group, General Manager, Industrial Solutions Division, Intel Corporation. “Working with Schneider Electric in such a collaborative way, utilizing Intel’s industrial specific processors and software, allows us to move quickly to develop and deliver new solutions that bring together innovative technologies that help customers achieve the benefits of Industry 4.0.”

Initial results of this joint DCN framework development will be shared at this fall’s Schneider Electric Innovation Summit – Las Vegas.

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