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ASRock Industrial Launches the iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller for Next-Gen Edge Computing

ASRock Industrial Computer is pleased to release the iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller powered by Intel® Atom® x6000E Processor (Elkhart Lake), featuring high computing power under the compact and rugged design to meet mission-critical applications.

ASRock Industrial Launches the iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller for Next-Gen Edge Computing

It is equipped with flexible IOs and expansions with 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and BT 5.2 RF capabilities for various communications. With real-time TSN, TCC, various M2M protocols, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and remote management, the iEP-5000G collects and processes real-time data from diverse industrial equipment, seamlessly connecting edge-to-cloud. It is ideal as Edge Controller and IoT Gateway in various Edge AI applications, such as smart manufacturing, energies, smart poles, retails, transportations in smart cities, and more.

Compact but Powerful with Intel Atom® x6000E Processor
The iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller is powerful yet compact at 58 x 125 x 157 mm (W x D x H). The Series offers models including iEP-5000G, iEP-5001G, and iEP-5002G, featuring the latest Intel® Atom® x6425RE, x6414RE, x6212RE Processors (Elkhart Lake) with up to 1.64X single-thread, 1.66X multi-thread, and 1.55X graphic performance enhancement for high computing power to meet mission-critical applications. It also supports two DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM DRAM up to 64GB, perfect for computer vision processing. With In-Band ECC memory support, it improves the safety and reliability to protect the system from potential crashes.

Flexible IOs and Expansions for Various Communications
The iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller features three 1 GbE LANs, three COM (RS-232/422/485), two USB 3.2 Gen 1, two USB 2.0, four DIs, four DOs, one HDMI 2.0b, one VGA, and one Mic in/Line out to connect various industrial devices. The Series implements flexible I/Os design to satisfy diverse application requirements, with available choices: Basic Skus with optional Wi-Fi 6E/4G LTE/5G kit, POE Skus with two IEEE 802.3AT Power Over Ethernet ports, and CANBus Skus with one CANBus connector for two devices support. Further storage expansions encompass one M.2 Key M (2280) with NVMe PCIex2/SATA 3 for storage, one SATA 3 for HDD or SDD, one Micro SD card, and 32GB eMMC.

RF Capabilities, Real-time TSN, TCC, and M2M Support to Converge IT and OT
The iEP-5000G supports 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and BT 5.2 RF capabilities with optional two Wi-Fi Antenna, two 4G LTE, or four 5G Antenna, plus various expansions, including one M.2 Key E socket (2230) for Wi-Fi module, one M.2 Key B socket (3042/3052) for 4G LTE/5G module, one external SIM card socket for 4G LTE/5G module. Moreover, there are TSN and TCC real-time computing, M2M protocol support- OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus to facilitate data collection from southbound to northbound, remote management, and firmware/software/application of over-the-air (OTA) updates to bridge IT and OT flawlessly.

Rugged Design and Wide Operating Temperature for Harsh Environments
The iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller is a fan-less and rugged design. The wide range of power inputs guarantees 6-36V wide range DC input with a screw-type connector, plus full power protection with OCP, OVP, UVP, and 80V Surge Protection. It also has a wide range of operating temperature from -40 °C to 70 °C, and high shock/vibration resistance to ensure functionality and durability in harsh environments. For industrial security, TPM 2.0 is built-in to set up a trusted computing platform. Moreover, it also supports various mounting options, including DIN rail and wall mount to satisfy diverse applications.

“Edge Controllers play an essential role in connecting field devices, gather and process data for local analytic and insight generation right at the edge, maximizing efficient transmission to the cloud while seamlessly bridging IT and OT. The iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller features powerful CPU, rich I/Os communication ports, modern industrial protocols, and real-time enablement, that is without a worry to carry out mission-critical applications in demand,” said James Lee, President of ASRock Industrial. “The new Controller improves data processing, profitability, reduces downtime and the overall operational costs to tap into our customers’ potential in IIoT and Industry 4.0.”

iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller Key Features

  • Latest Powerful Intel® Atom® x6000E Processor
  • Fan-less and Rugged Design, Wide Temperature Operation (-40 °C to 70 °C)
  • 6-36VDC Wide Range Power Inputs
  • Most Flexible IOs and Expansions for Industrial Applications
  • Intel® TCC and TSN Support for Real-Time Computing
  • DIN Rail and Wall Mount Options

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