Eichenberger Gewinde: fast-movement Carry ballscrews drive handling arms used in high volume production

A manufacturer of electrical sockets chose Eichenberger Gewinde ballscrews to drive its handling systems and boost production volume up to 2300 parts per hour. For this particular application, the multi-axis handling system required maximum precision under extremely stringent geometric conditions. The Carry E or F ballscrews match the demands of this application exactly, combining speed, precision and as well as minimum space requirements, because the ball return passes through the end caps which are fully integrated in the nut body. The η efficiency of Carry ball screws is greater than 0.9.

For the basic layout of the cam-operated linear distribution system, the designers chose individual assembly stations with electric handling modules. The latter are equipped with freely programmable drive arms that operate with pneumatic suction cups and rotation modules. Eichenberger Gewinde's Carry E or F high-helix ballscrews are the central components of these units which allow very fast retrofitting. The major advantage of these ball screws is their exceptional travel speed with low energy consumption and heat dissipation. They are also capable of moving considerable loads. Their minimal wear ensures very good repetition and positioning accuracy.

Eichenberger Gewinde develops customised nut shapes specifically for applications, if necessary with additional integrated functions such as shafts, mounting surfaces, etc. The individual thread profiles and ball sizes are adapted, for example for higher load capacity. Screw diameters, as well as special materials and coatings, are specific to the application and the machining of the ends.